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Petrivska terytorialna hromada. Perspective plan of community areas formation - Passport

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Population on January 1, 2015 (cnt.)
including children:
preschool age (cnt.) -
school age (cnt.) -
The number of settlements that are part of territorial community -
The amount of incomes (estimated) capable territorial community (UAH)
formed according to Article 64 of the Budget Code of Ukraine (UAH). -
development Budget (UAH) -
basic subsidies (UAH) -
reverse subsidies (UAH) -
Square of teritory of community, km2 -
Number of establishments that are held by the budget of local governments
secondary schools I-III degree -
secondary schools I-II degree -
secondary schools I degree -
pre-school establishments -
after school education establishments -
cultural institutions -
institutions of physical culture -
health posts -
clinics, polyclinics -
hospitals -
aid stations -
Availability of space for placement of government bodies, institutions that exerce authorities to: -
enforcement -
civil registration and property rights -
pensions -
social protection -
fire safety -
treasury services -
Availability of premises for the placement of local governments -
Name of localities that are part of them Subordination Population on January 1, 2015 (cnt.)
including children: